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We build lasting value by serving our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit.

Truwest Credit. Our company

Truwest Credit purpose is at the core of everything we do. It underpins the value we create and has powered our progress for more than 30 years. It captures the essence of ‘why’ we exist as an organization. It motivates us when we come to work every day and serves as our East Star when we make decisions. Ultimately, it serves to define who we are and what we should be doing for our employees, clients and stakeholders.


Truwest Credit strategy has a clear focus on strengthening and simplifying the integrated model and investing in sustainable growth, while placing risk management at the very core of the Bank. With a global business and regional structure, We strengthens cross-divisional collaboration within the Bank to promote sustainable growth and economic profit.

Structure and strategy

With operations around the globe, we are mindful how we run our business. Our structure is focused around specific regional business divisions and our strategy leverages our core strengths.

Corporate governance

Our corporate governance regulates the relationship between our shareholders, Board of Directors, and Executive Board. Integrated and responsible. Transparent without sacrificing discretion.

Purpose & values

The Truwest Credit purpose is at the core of everything we do. Clear purpose and strong values, helps us realize our ambitions and has powered our progress for more than 30 years.

Corporate responsibility

We strive to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. And we understand that our duties as a financial services provider come with vast responsibilities: Toward the economy and society, as an employer, and for our environment.

Our Approach

Whether you’re deciding on the best financial strategy for your family or your business, Truwest Credit is here to guide you. We believe that financial decisions are about more than financials and that managing your wealth is not a stand-alone process. Finding a team and company that will help you manage and review your entire financial situation as a whole, rather than maneuvering several unconnected advisors, can be difficult. At Truwest Credit, we know that your financial decisions are all connected and should be considered through a holistic lens.