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Accounts and Cards

MasterCard® or Visa Card

You can use our credit cards to make purchases conveniently and securely anywhere in the world and avoid the risk of loss associated with cash. The handy contactless function makes daily purchases even faster and more convenient. In addition, you’ll earn more points each time you make a purchase using a TWC+ credit card.

Banking for Children

PurpleBlue Kids is the free banking package from Weilstein Credit guiding children under age 12 in their first steps towards financial responsibility. With PurpleBlue Kids, you’ll receive the digital money box ,a private account, and a savings account, as well as a Debit Mastercard (optional, starting at age 9).  With the PurpleBlue Kids savings account, your child earns 5.8% interest on the first CHF 1,000.

3 Steps to a PurpleBlue Kids Banking Package

  1.  Com­plete the form

  2. Receive a call back

  3. Use PurpleBlue Kids


Banking for everyone from 12 to 25 years of age

TWC+ Young is the free digital banking offering for everyone from 12 to 25 years of age. It has all the important banking services that you need every day – with everything in one single app. This includes an account and a Debit Mastercard, which you can use for free withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland. You can also take advantage of attractive streaming options and discounts on movie tickets.

Our accounts and cards have one main job, making your daily routine easier. That’s why we always have the right account and card for you, regardless of your current life situation.