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Risk Management

Work with our risk management and insurance experts to create a plan to mitigate your financial losses.

Our Risk Management Process

Insurance has many different uses, and understanding the intricacies of each policy allows our team of experts to design creative risk management solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. To help our clients make appropriate decisions, we follow a thorough process.

First, we review your current plan and policies with you to determine any areas where your may have opportunities or gaps in coverage. This is both a quantitative and qualitative assessment, so we can be sure we have a complete understanding of your unique situation.


Next, we create a conceptual design of an updated approach, one which addresses issues related to ownership, beneficiary designations, as well as premiums and how they will be paid.


We then conduct a thorough product survey to determine which risk management solutions best meet your needs as we have outlined them together.


Based on what we learn, we begin the underwriting process, submitting our findings to various leading companies to garner multiple offers.


Finally, we provide ongoing policy support for you as a part of our holistic approach to your wealth management. This may be coordinated with your other advisors, including building a relationship between our trust experts and your tax advisors